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If the WIDEX DREAM™ hearing aid is your first, get ready to start hearing many of the sounds you’ve been missing, the way you remember them.

Widex Dream

Any hearing aid can improve your hearing. A special one aims to give you true-to-life sound. The new WIDEX DREAM™ hearing aid from Widex does exactly that. If you’re an experienced hearing aid user, you’ll hear the difference straight away. Sounds will seem richer, more detailed and more well-rounded. You’ll start to take more pleasure in the world of sound around you.

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Widex Menu

The basic MENU option is a 3-channel hearing aid that offers more technology than ever before seen at this price. It includes our unique sound processing platform, noise reduction for cleaner, crisper sound, high level compression for comfortable easy-listening sound and state-of-the art feedback cancellation.

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Widex Super

WIDEX SUPER™ is a receiver-in-the-ear super power hearing aid for people with severe to profound hearing loss. We have designed it to be powerful but comfortable. It lets you hear speech clearly and naturally, and without distortion. It can also help you determine where sounds are coming from* and can even give you access to sounds that would otherwise be inaudible.

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