Hearing Aids Batteries


Hearing Aid Batteries

We now offer our proven zinc air batteries in an alternative, mercury-free version. power one will thus live up to its claim to be one of the most environmentally friendly hearing aid battery producers there is. We provide eco-friendly battery technology, produced under clean room conditions, with an Enhanced Safety & Performance housing coating. Power on MERCURY-FREE cells are manufactured using only high-grade and refined raw materials. Our energy management system is certified in accordance with ISO 50001. With the new international standard, energy consumption and energy policy are placed centre stage. .


Type Designation  13
Type No. 24606
Voltage (V) 1.45
Electrochemical system Zinc Air
Typical energy (mWh) 390
Typical energy (mWh) 390
Typical capacity (mAh) 310
Diameter (mm) 7.9
Height (mm) 5.4
Weight (g) 0.83

Hearing Aid Battery-No-10

Type Designation  10
Type No. 24606
Voltage (V) 1.45
Electrochemical system Zinc Air
Typical energy (mWh) 120
Typical capacity (mAh) 100
Diameter (mm) 5.8
Height (mm) 3.6
Weight (g) 0.3

Hearing Aid Battery-No-675

Type Designation  675
Type No. 24600
Voltage (V) 1.45
Electrochemical system Zinc Air
Typical energy (mWh) 845
Typical capacity (mAh) 650
Diameter (mm) 11.6
Height (mm) 5.4
Weight (g) 1.85

Hearing Aid Battery-No-312

Type Designation  312
Type No. 24607
Voltage (V) 1.45
Electrochemical system Zinc Air
Typical energy (mWh) 220
Typical capacity (mAh) 180
Diameter (mm) 7.9
Height (mm) 3.6
Weight (g) 0.58
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  • Starts:   31 January, 1989
  • Experience:     30 year
  • Instructors:    Hearing Health 
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Promoted by Mr. Sandeep Kamboj, the company was first established by Mr. Krishan Chander in 1971. Under the guidance of Mr. Krishan Chander, who has years of experience in the field of ENT, we have grown to a position of repute. Indian Audio Center has been Manufacturing of Teflon Implants for Ear Surgery and Leading Hearing Aid Dispenser, used widely by all the leading Hospitals and Institutions, Nursing Homes.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Secure Hearing Aid with Cord & Clip

Best for small children use full for binaural fitting of BTE hearing aids. Can be secured with clip to collar of shirt.

Air Blower

For keeping ear moulds and hooks of hearing aid clear of dust etc.

Ear Mould Custom Made Soft

Ear mould made to order for perfect fitting of a digital hearing aid. Soft in texture suitable for every age and canal size. Most comfortable, hygienic anti allelic, easy to maintain, long life.

Cedis Dry Case for Hearing Aids Electric

Drying and storing all in one! Electrical dry case(empty)- power supply. For fast and comfortable drying and storing of hearing aids. Regular use contributes substantially to expending life expectancy of hearing aids. Low electrical consumption of 1 watt with LED during drying process. Power supply included.

Cedis Drying Capsules

Cedis Drying Capsules

Used with cedis drying container for humidity control of hearing aids during high moisture content days during rainy seasons(with color indicator). Reliable drying of hearing aids over night.


For securing hearing aid on children ears.

Wax Protection system
 For securing hearing aid from ear wax . And self replaceable wax gurad and wax protection filtres.