Practice your hearing aid – follow up NOW

Practicing with your hearing aids…..Are you unsatisfied with your hearing aid?

Putting on new hearing aids is nothing like putting on new eyeglasses


being able to see clearly right away.

“I thought that everything seemed too loud,
needs good hearing instruments needs good hearing instruments needs good hearing instruments needs good hearing instruments

                           A shopper who uses hearing aid said

“The audiologist said it takes time for my brain to get used to processing things I have not heard for a long time.”

   26 percent of survey respondents never had a follow-up appointment.

we strongly recommend scheduling followup appointment,at least one. Most hearing aid dispenser or providers include that service in their fees.

Adjustments for a hearing-aid fitting might include

  • Changing the device’s electronic settings – Reprogramming the hearing instruments.
  • Reworking an uncomfortable earmold – Adjusting accustic’s of the hearing instruments.
  • Getting a completely different hearing aid – May be it was a wrong selection of hearing instruments.

Practice with hearing aid

Practice everyday activities using the aids.

   “A hearing aid is not just an electronic device. “

It’s part of a whole rehabilitative treatment. As the saying goes like practice makes the man perfect, so does it goes with the hearing aid as well. Your hearing aid professional can help you with this. You may need few more sessions to deal with this problem.

Training your brain – setting your goals.

The brain which is deprived of the speech as well as sound signal, has to become useto the new amplified sound processed through your new hearing aid.  More over the texture and amplitude of the sound and speech changes with hearing loss, so it  becomes difficult for the brain to register the new sound in hearing memory so easily.

Hence it becomes more important to get use to new sound amplified by the new hearing aid and training your brain.

Cooperation from family – ? Key to success.

It is not only the user who has to adjust with the new hearing aid. It can only be achieved with the joint cooperation of user as well his or her family.

This is the root cause of unsatisfied user or no satisfaction with hearing aid. So rehabilitation of person using hearing aid and reducing dissatisfaction with hearing aid can only be improved with help and cooperation of family and friends.with longer use of hearing over a period of time,which may vary from 15 days to 3 months.

And in difficult cases where discrimination of speech is poor, it may take  longer period.

Give more time – Have patience

With longer use of hearing over a period of time,which may vary from 15 days to 3 months helps the user in having more satisfaction in hearing and discrimination of speech.


If you are facing the same problem with your set of hearing you can contact for advice and solutions

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