“Binaurl fitting”

(Using hearing aids in both ears)


Natural Hearing with both ears.

Nature has provided us with two ears for orientation and localization of sounds

  Better sound quality

As we hear from both the ears it helps us hear clear and from all the directions hence the quality is better with both the ears

  Better speech understanding even in Noisy situation.

Since we are hearing from both the side our brain tends to localise the sound from both the ears and in agiven noisy situation our brain can focus on more clearer signal from the either ear hence we can hear better in noisy situations also with using hearing aids in both the ears

Better speech understanding from distance.

using hearing aids in both the ears also helps us in having a improved speech discrimination from distance sounds and speech signal too

  Less listening effort and anxiety.

Amplification in both ears compensates for the deficit of hearing and therefore it reduces the effort put on by the brain to interpret the signal and speech cues hence reduces the Listening effort.

Better sound source localization.

Hearing from both sides make easier for the brain to Localize the sound and concentrate during a conversation, Using amplification in both the ears helps to pin point the sounds or words  and phrases more accurately during a active conversation.

More listening confidence.

When we hear better, understand better, interpret better , communicate better this leads to increase in confidence which normal becomes a an added handicap for the hearing impaired person.

More active social life.

Hearing with both ears also helps an individual to lead a more active life style as one has already overcome one’s inhibitions and shortcomings this helps achieve the basic fundamental of Normal life.

Hearing comfort without tinnitus effect.

For an individual having Tinnitus , Life becomes hell to live with Tinnitus. Using amplification in both the ears have an therapeutic effect on Tinnitus and increases the comfort level and reduces stress level for an induvidual having Tinnitus. There are hearing aids available with Tinnitus therapy featrues as an option within the hearing aids.

Avoiding hearing deprivation of both ears.

Normally people have tendency of wearing Unilateral hearing aid(Using hearing aid in one ear). Which leads to bad effect on the other ear which is deprived of amplification which leads to more trouble down the years to your hearing. Hence iof there is a need to use hearing aid in both the ears its always right to wear hearing aid in both the ears for better and fulfilling life for an individual and its family also.

its only better to use unilateral hearing aid in cases where the other ear is either completely non functional or have near normal hearing.

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