Categories of Hearing Impairment / Disability


of Hearing Impairment and Disability”

Hearing impairment may be of various degrees (Ref.column 2 below). The degree of hearing impairment (in dBHL) as given in column 3 below is calculated by averaging the hearing thresholds at 500 Hz, 1 khz & 2 khz obtained from pure tone audiometry. Speech recognition score (Ref. Column 4 below) is obtained by administering Speech Audiometry. Hearing disability (Ref. Column 5 below) is calculated by the prescribed formula and is in percentage. The nature and quantum of benefits/facilities provided by the Government is based on the degree and percentage of disability.

Various Impairments



of Impairment

dB Level (HL)




in %

I Mild Hearing Impairment 26 to 40 dB in better ear 80 to 100% in better ear Less
II (a) Moderate Hearing Impairment 41 to 60 dB in better ear 50 to 80% in better ear 40%
II (b) Severe Hearing Impairment 60 to 70 dB in better ear 40 to 50% in better ear 51%
III (a) Profound Hearing Impairment 71 to 90 dB in better ear Less than 40% in better ear 71%
III (b) Total deafness 91 dB and above in better ear Very poor discrimination 100%

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