Assessing your Hearing needs

How to Select the right hearing aid

Your listening needs, abilities and concerns are the most important considerations when choosing hearing aids. Some other choices for you to consider are:

One versus Two Hearing Aids.

Two hearing aids are usually recommended. There are some exceptions to this, and your audiologist will discuss the advantages of using two hearing aids versus one. Nautre has provided us humans two ears for hearing from all directions.

we should consider using  hearing instruments in both ears for following reasons:

  • Natural Hearing
  • Better Sound Quality
  • Better Sound of Music
  • Better Speech Under Standing in Noisy Situation Even from a distance
  • Less Listening effort and Anxiety
  • Better Sound Localization
  • More Social Active Life.

Style of Hearing Aid

The Four main styles of hearing aids are as follows

  • Bernafon, Siemens , widex, Oticon, Starkey, Oticon, Amplifon, Hearing aid
    Receiver In The Ear Hearing aid
  1. Behind-the-ear,
  2. In-the-ear
  3.  In-the-canal
  4.  Receiver in the ear.

 Choice of Styles depends on many factors.

  • The degree of your hearing loss,
  • Your listening needs
  •  Your personal preference and cosmetic needs.
  • Budget you can afford.
  • Your Hearing Priorities.

It should be suitable to one’s hearing loss as well should be affordable too.

But its always right to buy a device which is suitable to your hearing needs, shape size and style should be secondary consideration.

Technical Considerations while choosing a Hearing Aid

The technical characteristics of hearing aids are very important. The amount of gain or amplification provided at each frequency, the loudest sound that the hearing aid can produce, and specialized signal processing technology must be selected on an individual basis.

Preferring a latest technology is always better which covers one’s hearing needs in the future needs as well.

 Follow-up Appointments

A 7-day trial period with new hearing aids is recommended. During this time the hearing aid should be used in every-day situations to determine if any adjustments or changes are necessary.

Your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser should be consulted if you have any concerns or problems.

After you have been fitted with your hearing aids, it is important to have your hearing re-evaluated on a regular basis. Your hearing aids’ performance should be tested as well. These evaluations should be done annually or more often if recommended by the audiologist or doctor.

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