About Us

“About us”

Promoted by Mr. Sandeep Kamboj, the company was first established by Mr. Krishan Chander in 1971.
Under the guidance of Mr. Krishan Chander, who has years of experience in the field of ENT, we have grown to a position of repute.
Indian Audio Center has been Manufacturing of Teflon Implants for Ear Surgery and Leading Hearing Aid Dispenser, used widely by all the leading Hospitals and Institutions, Nursing Homes.
All our Implants are hand crafted by skilled professionals and tested to meet the specifications and satisfaction of the surgeon, Hosptials.
We are engaged in offering wide range of products and activity such as

Middle Ear Implants

  • Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis,
  • Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis,
  • Teflon Stapes Replacement Prosthesis,
  • Tef- Wire Pistons
  • Teflon Ear Ventilation Tubes

Our range of Implants has been appreciated all over the country by all Leading ENT Surgeon’s due to the quality and effectiveness. These Implants have helped people with conductive hearing loss to regain great levels of auditory capacity.

Hearing Aids

We are also offering effective and advanced Hearing Aids to the hearing impaired. We offer a variety of hearing aids and related products and services which include

  • Digital Behind The Ear Hearing Aids,
  • In The Canal Hearing Aids,
  • Completely Inside Canal Hearing Aids,
  • RITE Hearing Aids,
  • Power BTE Instrument,
  • Super Power Hearing Systems,
  • Invisible Hearing Aid,
  • Designer Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Protection
  • Custom Ear Protection Devices.
  • Disposable Ear Plugs,

Our range of advanced hearing aids is most convenient for new users to get accustomed to. These are highly adjustable and can be easily reprogrammed with the help of a computer. We also offer models with advanced features that include directional microphones, digital noise reduction and feedback management.


We also offer post hearing aid fitting guidance, services and information on the maintenance of the aids. Our experts help the hearing challenged to get accustomed to the new hearing aids and achieve satisfaction to maximize the benefits.

Our Team

We have a team that is completely devoted to offering high-end hearing solutions in the most cost effective manner. The personnel involved in the unit pay complete attention to the manufacture and packaging of the Implants. We have a number of consultants, doctors and physicians who confer with us and our team to guide us on how to manufacture the finest Implants
Our technicians are trained and qualified to meet the stringent specifications. They pay full attention to the processes and ensure that all Implants are flawless. We have a number of quality controllers, who ensure that all the processes are smooth and within the established norms of quality. They test the raw material being sourced for the manufacturing process and also remain vigilant during the packaging and transit processes.
The sales team in our organization consists of young and enthusiastic personnel who are forever striving to gather vital feedback from the clients. This feedback is processed to better the output and quality of our service & product.

Client Satisfaction

The range of hearing aids we offer, provide an opportunity to hear, to those people who suffer from severe or profound auditory loss. Due to this, it is of immense importance to us that our clients are totally satisfied with the aids received. We ensure that hearing aids are customized as per the specifications given to us by our clients.
We also offer several easy modes of payment to ensure a hassle free transaction for our clients.

Quality Assurance of Teflon Implants

We give quality the highest importance in our organization and ensure that all processes are carried out under stringent norms of quality and safety. Since, our range of Implants & hearing aids are utilized to give a ray of hope to individuals all over the country, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to offer them the most effective solution, which is also extremely cost effective. We procure the finest grade raw material for the purposes of manufacturing of Implants. The entire process is carried out under the hawk like vigilance of our quality controllers.
They ascertain that all processes are smooth and the range of Implants flawless. Once the range of Implants has been manufactured, proper packaging is ensured. This is done to ensure that no damage takes place to the delicate Implant during storage and transit.

Quality Assurance of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are central to the lives of millions of people worldwide. Digital technology has greatly improved their performance over the last 25 years or so. IEC TC (Technical Committee) 29: Electroacoustics, prepares International Standards for hearing aids. Its latest Standard covers safety requirements for these devices. All the hearing aids supplied by us meets all the norms, standards and certification as required by International Laws and Compliance Agencies Like FDA, CE, ISO etc. by their respective manufacturers.
IEC TC 29 work on hearing aids represents one of the group’s most significant activities. It has prepared 13 International Standards for these devices in the IEC 60118 series so far. They cover measurement of electroacoustical and performance characteristics, EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) and many other technical (sound and physical) characteristics.

The basic safety of hearing aids, not specifically addressed as such until recently, became the object of an International Standards in October 2012.

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