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Hearing instruments , helping you hear sounds of Life, Wireless accessories help you hear TV, Music and Mobile Calls


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Repair / Services (Hearing Aids)

hearing aids are manufactured with tiny components and intricate circuitry.
When used correctly, they will improve speech understanding
in noisy surroundings and the ability to localise sounds.


Implant For Ear Surgery

modern System Pattern

  • Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis
  • Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis (Side column)
  • Teflon Stapes Replacement Prosthesis
  • Teflon Ear Ventilation Tubes
  • Teflon Grommet (Drain Tube)
  • Teflon Ear Ventilation Tubes Drain Tubes

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Best Hearing Aids & Hearing Machine Dealers in India

Hearin is one the best hearing aids dealers in Chandigarh, India. We offer wide range of Hearing machine in India. Our product range includes digital BTE hearing aids, Siemens Hearing Aids, CIC hearing aids, rite hearing aids, power BTE instrument and invisible hearing aid (completely inside the canal). These digital BTE hearing aids are highly adjustable and can be easily re-programmed using a computer, in case there are changes in the levels of hearing or modification of frequencies is required. We offer certain models that come equipped with advanced features such as, feedback management, directional microphones and digital noise reduction. All international brands supplied by us come with a 2-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

We offer a wide range of Middle Ear Implants that are well-known for providing its best service to our clients. Our middle ear implants are made out of some best quality raw materials that enable it to serve for a longer period of time. We offer a wide range of high quality products for Otology, Laryngology and Rhinology, which are used by all Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Private ENT Doctors. These are manufactured with time proven technology thus offers prolonged service.

We offer complete hearing diagnostic solutions to our patients. We provide complete hearing test facility for Hearing loss. Our tests like BERA, ASSR, Impedance Audiometry, Pure Tone Audiometry.