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We are leading manufacturer in the field of Implants for Ear Surgery. We also dispense advanced Digital Hearing Aids, BTE Hearing Aids, CIC Hearing Aids, RITE Hearing for the patients who cannot be benefited by surgery.

Welcome to Indian Audio Centre

With over 4 decades of experience, we have been able to cater to the Otological needs of the nation. We are one of the renowned Manufacturer, of Implants for Ear Surgery which has helped thousands of people who can be treated by doing surgery.


We are engaged in offering wide range of products such as Hearing Aid, Resound Dot Hearing Aid, Resound Pulse Open Fit Hearing Aid, Resound Match Digital Hearing Aid, Resound Alera Wireless Hearing Aid, Oticon Tego Digital Hearing Aids, BTE Hearing Aids, Oticon Digital Hearing Aids, Middle Ear Implants, Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis, Teflon Ear Ventilation Tubes, Teflon TORP, Teflon Ear Ventilation Tubes( Drain Tubes), Teflon Piston Incus, Teflon Stapes Replacement Prosthesis, Hearing Instruments, Digital BTE Hearing Aids, In The Canal Hearing Aids, Bernafon BTE Hearing Aid, Bernafon Veras Nano BTE Hearing Aid, Invisible Hearing Aid, Hearing Protection and Ear Plugs.

We are also one of the oldest Dispensers of advanced Hearing Aids, which include BTE Hearing Aids, CIC Hearing Aids, RITE Hearing Aids, etc. These aids are known to provide hearing in cases of severe and profound hearing loss. Our aids come with numerous advantageous features including Easy Reprogramming, Feedback Management, Directional Microphones And Digital Noise Reduction.


Our main aim is to provide self-reliance in the field of Otological Implants and we have been successful to a great extent. The range of Ear Implants offered by us are being utilized by all Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Doctors all over the nation.